Chiltern Training Continuing Professional Development Management Courses

Chiltern Training’s CPD courses are delivered through Chiltern E-Learn. This is Chiltern Training’s online learning platform. These courses are on a distance learning basis and can be undertaken in your own time and at your own pace. The CPD management courses we deliver are as follows:

Human Resources – ‘Human Resource Development’

This course is about planning human resource requirements to enable work objectives to be met and providing objective development opportunities for individuals. Through completion of this course you will be able to devise a human resource plan for a work area, to meet organisational objectives. You will be able to identify and plan for individual development to meet organisational objectives as well as being able to initiate a personal development plan for an individual and evaluate the progress of the plan.

Project Management – ‘Project Development and Control’

This unit is about understanding projects, developing project planmanagement cpds and ensuring projects achieve objectives with targets. After completing this course you will be able to identify the components of project stages and lifecycle and understand project methodologies and their application. You will also be able to develop a project plan, identify and mitigate risks and then you will be able to construct a monitor and review strategy.

Marketing Planning – ‘Conduct a Marketing Plan’

This course is about understanding the role of marketing, the organisation’s current market position and planning for widening markets. Through undertaking this course you will be able to understand the role of marketing in achievement of organisational objectives and understand the organisations current markets and/or sectors within which it operates. You will be able to develop a marketing plan that contributes towards achieving organisational objectives

Financial Control – ‘Organisational financial management’ 

This course is about financial management systems and controls and the impact of external factors on organisational financial management. On completion of this course you will understand how to control a financial system and be able to identify and use a range of financial controls. This course will enable you to understand the sources and availability of finance to an organisation.

All management professional development courses are charged at £30 per course. These courses are units from The Level 5 in Management and Leadership through The Chartered Management Institute. If you would like to accredit these courses and complete the assignments to achieve The Level 5 Award in Management and Leadership there would be an extra cost of £570. If you are interested in accreditation please contact the admissions team on 0118 9566 995 or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .